Fall is already here and just about to reveal its true colors. It’s not too late to prepare your living space for upcoming rainy days and low temperatures. This article brings 6 essential changes you should do to your home before fall takes off. As a result, you’ll enjoy refreshed home and a cozier fall season ahead of you. So, take time to read the tips and put them to good use!

1 – Make more space in your new home this fall

Professional real estate experts agree that fall is a perfect time to eliminate junk and make more space in your home (and life). So, use your days off to declutter every part of your home, starting from the bedroom. Take out all the junk first. After that, proceed with sorting. Use paper, pen, or your phone to sort all clothes into categories. Free apps like Sortly or Decluttr make sorting and, thus, decluttering a lot easier. This is the best way to keep track of items you plan to sell, give away, donate, or recycle. 

friendly people explaining what you should do to your home before fall
Get rid of excess items.

Make decluttering easy and less messy by following these steps:

  • First, pack and put summer clothes away in a sanitized basement, spare room, or rented storage for winter. If, however, you have to keep them in a closet, use vacuum bags to pack and store summer clothes. 
  • Prepare boxes for the items you want to get rid of. Use different colors of permanent markers and write what’s inside each box. 
  • Store the boxes, then start looking for charities. Think of a close person you’d like to gift with clothes, books, furniture, etc. 
  • Segregate all recyclable items. 

2 – Give your home a necessary upgrade 

Inspect your entire home and see if there are any additional upgrades needed:

  • Repair the roof. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the gutters. 
  • Secure the windows.
  • Upgrade home security systems.
  • Have an electrician check wires and cords. 
  • Replace faucets, etc.

Once you’re done with major repair tasks, take a look inside your home. Is there any part of it that could use fresh paint? If so, think of color schemes that would fit the halls, kitchen, or rooms. Opt for neutral colors that give a warmer appearance to the living room and bedroom. Warm tones go well with fall aesthetics.

3 –  Prepare a patio 

Some people enjoy relaxing outside during fall chilly days. However, the sudden rain is likely to spoil the moment. In addition, patio furniture will suffer cold and moisture if it remains outside. 

To prevent this, take apart bulky pieces and store them in a garage, basement, or storage. Leave adjustable chairs near the door inside the designated storage space. That way, you’ll reach them easier in case the weather is perfect for an outside chat over a coffee. 

4 – Have a heating system ready

Temperatures are going down each day, so you better have your heating system ready on time. Clean and prepare your fireplace. Clean or completely replace filters in air conditioning. Whatever heating system you choose, make sure it’s ready to warm your home. Don’t wait until the temperature reaches below 0 degrees to call a repairperson to upgrade your heating.

wood pieces in front of a fireplace
Geeting a fireplace ready is one of the first things you should do to your home before fall.

5 – Cozy up each part of your home 

Don’t forget to accessorize for a comfier vibe. Add up soft and warm blankets, a bunch of pillows, and lazy bags. Replace your old sofa with an improved version. Also, add fall-friendly rugs to warm up your feet. Decorate your work desk, kitchen table, and tables in the living room with leaf or pumpkin-shaped ornaments. 

Finish it up with nice fall scents:

  • Sandalwood
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Apple Vanilla
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Pine 
  • Orange

6 –  Light up the entryways

Since the days are getting shorter, afternoons will turn dark before you know it. Therefore, it would be nice to add lights to the entryways of your home. Coming back from work will be less gloomy and dull. Plus, you won’t have to struggle to look for keys. So, get some nice led lights, garden lights, led bars, or solar bulbs. 

Light bulb in the dark
Add lights to the entryways.

If you consider introducing a pet to your household this fall…

In case you plan to get one this fall, you must have a few things sorted out. First, you have to additionally upgrade your home to make it pet-friendly. That means: 

  • Pet-friendly carpet – Pets leave hair everywhere they go. So better have a special carpet that benefits your pet and yourself. 
  • Chew-proof furniture – You don’t want the fall aesthetics of your home ruined because of chewed sofas. That’s why you must consider special furniture resistant to chewing and scratching. 
  • Pet’s corner – Pets like to have fun. Therefore, think of the part of your home you could turn into a mini playground. Get enough props, toys, and so on. Don’t forget to add a pet bed or basket where your animal friend will sleep. 

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. That being said, you must be completely sure it’s what you want. Once you ensure all conditions, it’ll be easier to maintain your household. Get a pet after you’re done with the home upgrade. 

Prepare a home for fall one day at a time

All these changes you should do to your home before fall becomes colder and rainy. However, that doesn’t mean you must rush to get everything ready. This is why scheduling will make the job easier tremendously. So, have all the home upgrades written down. Start with urgent tasks like roof repairs and heating systems. After that, you can give your attention to the jobs that can wait a bit longer. Make minor adjustments each day when you have time. Also, hire a skilled repair person to do the work for you. That way, it won’t take long until you start enjoying your fall-ready home.