When winter comes, all we want to do is wrap ourselves in blankets and drink hot chocolate. But, if that isn’t enough, you can have an utterly cozy home this winter, with some accessories. They will make you feel warm even when you aren’t wrapped in a blanket! So, let’s see what are the 7 accessories for a cozy home this winter!

Blankets and pillows

The first accessories that we would recommend are blankets and a lot of them. You can find many different types of blankets, but we recommend thick wool blankets, preferably in warm colors. If you opt for warmer hues, it will boost the overall coziness of your home. Colors like dark orange or mustard yellow will help emulate the atmosphere of a fireplace and make you feel much warmer and cozier! If you have a house showing, a cozy blanket goes a long way for staging the perfect comfortable and warm home.

Take a bunch of pillows and scatter them all over the house. Having lots of pillows will help you have a cozy home this winter. If you can find fuzzy pillows, get them in any color! Fuzzy pillows are great for cuddling and relaxing; just make sure to match the colors of your pillows to your blankets.


Natural decorations

Since the cold is probably keeping you inside, you should bring the outside to you. Using natural decorations like wood or plants will help with that. You can stack some wood around the perimeter of your room or put some pine branches on your shelves. The energy of the room will be more natural and will help you have a cozy home this winter! You can also use other natural materials like leather, metal, or linen to add more textures to your space and boost the coziness!

You can also use some flowers. Choose a few smaller vases of seasonal blossoms to scatter throughout your home so that the lovely side of winter’s character may be seen from room to room. Faux flowers excel in this situation since they don’t require any upkeep and don’t suffer from the reduced light levels and effects of central heating. If feasible, use species that would typically blossom outside to keep your design as natural as possible. Deep burgundy hellebores and dainty snowdrops are excellent. Faux crimson and white, on the other hand, feel extremely wintery.


Having a fireplace is a luxury that not everyone has access to. A nice crackling fire is a great place to sit next to and relax. Installing a fireplace can also be a great way to prepare your house for winter. However, if you can’t get a real built-in fireplace, you can get a digital one. Digital fireplaces look like real fireplaces, and some even emulate the sound! Rearrange the furniture around the fireplace and enjoy!

If you want to have a real fireplace, you might have to move to a new place. Some metropolitan areas like Toronto, for example, usually don’t have fireplaces in most of their homes. But areas like Montreal have more houses than apartments, and they more commonly have fireplaces. So, if you opt for Montreal and leave Toronto, make sure to know what you’re doing. Moving is a challenging task, and it will be much easier with professional help. Hiring a moving company will speed up your moving process and significantly reduce the amount of work for you! They will help keep all your things intact and take care of any other problems that might pop up during the relocation process.

Scented candles

Apple and cinnamon scented candles will give you the smell of Christmas and a cozy home this winter. They will both contribute to the scent and the lighting and provide an overall comfortable feel. You can use classic winter scents, or you can combine them and create some interesting combinations. If you have a house showing, you can use certain scents for staging as well. A beautiful smell inside the home can be what makes the buyer subconsciously decide to buy your house.


Gold is slightly different from the rest of these accessories, but it still has a nice warming effect. If you have some gold picture frames or mirrors, make sure to scatter them around your home. If you don’t have any, you can take some old decorations and spraypaint them gold. You can also add some bronze or brown accents to your newly painted decorations to add a bit of depth. Just make sure to read the label of your spray paint; not all paints are suitable for all materials.


During winter, the days are much shorter, and you will need to boost the lighting in your home. Adding a few lamps will help open up the space and help you stay awake and focused. Lighting is the quickest and easiest way to quickly create a cozy home this winter. Proper lighting will create a natural and welcoming environment. But, before you start randomly placing lamps around your home, examine the area and see what the dark spots of your home are.


Although hardwood and laminate floors are attractive, they can be chilly to walk on in the winter. The same may be said about tiling. You will instantly feel warmer and cozier by placing a carpet between yourself and the floor. One of the advantages of living in a tiny apartment is that you may cover it entirely with carpets! There isn’t a single area in the house that a wonderful rug wouldn’t enhance. Carpets may also be used in the bathroom and kitchen, so go ahead and use your ideas to decorate your new residence in flair!


Final thoughts

There are many great accessories for a cozy home this winter, but these 7 are our favorites. If you see anything you like – don’t be afraid to try it out! All of them will significantly improve the coziness of your home and make it more inviting and warm, which is important when having people over. Moreover, they will also help you have a great relaxed winter.