Real Estate and Covid: Visits and Transactions Are Still on for Fall 2020

Despite the partial shutdown of certain commercial activities (restaurants, bars, gyms) in red zones across Quebec, all real estate activities continue to be carried out, but with the necessary preventive measures put forward by the government. Better Safety Measures "It goes without saying that, since the start of the pandemic, visits have changed in order to respect physical distancing and the new reality that we are all living through,” explains Katia Samson, Certified Real Estate Broker Chartered AEO and President of Groupe Immobilier Katia Samson. Several new safety and hygiene measures are currently being implemented, including a coronavirus statement declaring the person who wishes to visit a property has not been in contact with anyone [...]

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Home Staging Services Now Offered at Katia Samson Real Estate Group

Home staging has become a must for residential sellers! The practice of decluttering and creating a soothing and clean décor for the property you want to put on the market “makes it easier for prospective buyers to visualize it as their future home. Staged homes usually sell faster and for more money than those that are unstaged,” according to Katia Samson, Founder of Katia Samson Real Estate Group, and a broker since 1996. Since launching her own real estate boutique agency in 2019, Katia has brought on board a diverse group of brokers, each with their own style and specialty. One of these is Katsiaryna Shumskaya, who studied interior design and now provides home staging services [...]

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Post Shutdown, What’s REALLY Happening to the Housing Market?

Since March 2020, when the World Health Organization announced we were all in the midst of a global pandemic, the housing market in Montreal has also clearly been affected by shutdowns and new social distancing rules. While real estate changes do seem to be stabilizing, how will this be impacting your next sale or purchase of a property? Here is some information you might be hearing about:      1. Property Prices Continue to Rise The math is pretty straightforward here: when there are less goods on the market that people want, prices go up. Simple, right? After restrictions on real estate were lifted in May, we saw a dramatic spike in sales in the [...]

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Top 10 Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Broker When Selling your Property

If you’re looking to sell your property faster, and at a better price, the first thing to do is to find a reputable real estate broker. But before you sign on the dotted line, here are some questions you should ask. Just to make sure you are working with the real estate professional who will best represent your interests! 1. What are your credentials? As you start thinking about selling your home, you should be working with a real estate broker who is accredited by the APCIQ (Quebec Association of Real Estate Brokers) and the OACIQ (the Authority of the Real Estate Brokerage in Quebec). This means the person is fully vetted by the industry, [...]

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News About the Montreal Real Estate Market for Summer 2020

What’s happening in the real estate market in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest, after the lockdown due to Covid-19? Is it a sellers’ market, a buyers’ market, or is it more of a balanced market? Many future buyers and sellers are asking themselves these very questions, since we’ve all experienced radical changes in our daily lives. First of all, here are brief descriptions of the three types of real estate markets to consider according to Katia Samson, who heads the boutique agency Katia Samson Real Estate Group, and who has seen firsthand the evolution of the Sud-Ouest, St-Henri and Griffintown neighbourhoods over the last 15 years, because she lives and works in the area. The Three Types of [...]

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What You Need to Do Before Selling Your Home

You’ve heard it before: First impressions make a lasting impression!  So, before you place a ‘for sale’ sign on the front lawn of your house or contemplate listing your condo online, take the time to play your cards right by following these simple steps to maximise the resale value of your property and sell it more quickly. Here are some great tips successful real estate brokers, like Katia Samson and her team, usually share with their clients in order to help their property gain maximum visibility on Centris, and get the offers to start coming in! 1- Start by Decluttering  Like Marie Kondo, home organisation expert and best-selling author, says: “If it doesn’t spark joy, [...]

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Here are a few of my favourite fitness accounts

To feel good and re-energized, a good workout session is essential. Every day! And what better way than to take part in a virtual fitness session with these amazing coaches that will help you stay on track and motivated, even from home. Best of all, they’re all FREE! Here are a few of my favourite fitness accounts on Instagram. Most are based in Montreal. Victoria Park High intensity workouts packed with motivational tips for full body toning and shaping. Join in at 9:30 am on weekdays. Pump Fitness Mtl Val Desjardins is a highly stimulating personal trainer who thrives on emotion, intensity and energy to get things done. Jennifer Pregnolato Jennifer is the creator of [...]

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Discovering Restaurants, Shops and Products That Deliver in the Sud-Ouest

In this era of self-isolation and working from home, it’s more important than ever to be good to yourself and indulge in feel-good little rituals that make the stress melt away, while we find our way into the ‘new normal’. Here are a few of my favourite things that I want to share with you around the Centre-Sud, St-Henri and Griffintown. I hope they bring joy into your life and make your days easier. Restaurant take-out and delivery Tasty pizzas made in a wood-burning oven, salads and antipastis. Online delivery and take-out available Wednesday to Sunday. Geppetto Pizza Who doesn’t love tacos?! The awesome, original Grumman 78 now offers them for take-out, plus croquetas and [...]

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Covid-19 and the current real estate market. What to know and how to prepare?

To help you see a bit more clearly in the present situation when it comes to the real estate market, Katia Samson, Founder of Katia Samson Real Estate Group, answers your most important questions about buying and selling residential properties in Montreal during the 2020 pandemic. Q: Is it possible to sell or buy a property right now? A: In order to comply with the new rules put forward by the government concerning quarantine and isolation during this Coronavirus pandemic, Katia Samson Real Estate Group continues to carry out real estate transactions by working remotely and using all the technological tools available to us: conference calls, virtual visits, electronic signatures, as well with the amazing [...]

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Lessons from a Top Real Estate Agent: Katia Samson

KATIA SAMSON, MONTREAL’S EXTRAORDINARY REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL, SHARES HER STORY OF HOW SHE BECAME A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BROKER AT A YOUNG AGE. Katia Samson’s secret to success is her honest, dedicated and sociable personality, which has led her to become one of the top real estate professionals in Montreal. Katia has excellent knowledge of the real estate market and offers her clients targeted information on property values in all areas of the city. She has excellent negotiation skills and is organized and efficient, as stated by her past clients. She keeps track of trends, technological advances, legalities and anything that would impact home sales. Learn more about Katia’s experience and success story by [...]

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