1) Meet with a mortgage broker to reserve a mortgage rate and obtain pre-approval for the maximum amount the financial institution is willing to lend you.

2) Determine the area that interests you as well as your search criteria.

Once you have located the ideal property or properties, click on the “Buyer’s Form” below to send us your details.

3) Fill out a promise to purchase.

4) The promise to purchase is presented to the vendor (existing homeowner) by the agent representing you.

5) The parties negotiate through their respective real estate agents until an agreement is reached.

6) The buyer hires a building inspector.

7) If the property is a condominium, the purchaser must review the following documents: declaration of co-ownership, financial statements, co-op budget and recent condominium committee meeting minutes.

8) The agent will send the accepted promise to purchase with all annexes to the buyer’s financial institution for final approval.

9) Buyers must now choose a notary to execute the deed of sale.

10) The parties (all buyers, sellers and agents involved in the sale) will meet at the signing of the deed of sale and delivery of the keys.

At the signing of the deed of sale, the notary will address such issues as tax adjustments, utilities, co-op fees and any other expenses or revenues relating to the transfer of the property.