Home staging has become a must for residential sellers! The practice of decluttering and creating a soothing and clean décor for the property you want to put on the market “makes it easier for prospective buyers to visualize it as their future home. Staged homes usually sell faster and for more money than those that are unstaged,” according to Katia Samson, Founder of Katia Samson Real Estate Group, and a broker since 1996.

Since launching her own real estate boutique agency in 2019, Katia has brought on board a diverse group of brokers, each with their own style and specialty. One of these is Katsiaryna Shumskaya, who studied interior design and now provides home staging services at Katia Samson Real Estate Group in order to help increase profit for home sellers who are clients of the agency.

Helps Sale Turnaround

More than ever, prospective buyers are spending a lot of time online looking for properties, and a beautifully presented home or condo can help your listing gain more visibility.

“Home staging is simply good merchandising, much like wrapping a present,” says Katsiaryna “the goal is to showcase the property in the best possible way, revealing more of what one is actually purchasing – kitchens and bathrooms, layout and architectural details, walls and floors. Interior design, on the other hand, focuses more on personal taste and creating a comfortable space that fits your lifestyle.”

For real estate brokers, home staging is an essential tool to market the property. Sometimes it feels strange seeing your home staged, as it can look different than what you are used to. “Remember that it is really all about presentation and is done to ensure a quick turnaround for the transaction,” says Katsiaryna.

How does the service work?

Home staging at Katia Samson Real Estate Group is an in-house service for clients of the agency.

“We offer everything the seller needs to show the unique and interesting aspects of their home. My job is to make the potential buyer see themselves in that space. That’s why it should be neutral and appealing in terms of current trends, while scale of furniture and accessories is also important.”

The first phase usually involves decluttering the space and working with what the owner already has. Sometimes Katsiaryna buys new items to complete the look, such as furniture and accessories, or picks from things the agency already has in storage for home staging.

Welcoming Redo

“It’s usually a facelift, and not a drastic transformation. We focus on lighting, scale and texture to maximize space. Our main purpose is to give an idea of the potential of property. We also work fast!” At Katia Samson Real Estate Group, it usually takes less than two weeks to produce a really good home staging. But sometimes it can take just three days.

For clients who like to be hands-on, it is possible to hire Katsiaryna only for a home staging consultation, and then they take it from there. However, if you don’t want to do anything, turn-key service is also offered. It’s all up to you!

For pricing and other questions related to our new home staging services, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (514) 939-3163 or by email at katia@katiasamson.com