It all starts in our neocortex and thalamus; that’s where imagination is conceived. We go from there. We see the outlines and envision the floor plan with great precision; the brain can go as far as evoking the smell of fresh paint in our new home. We write down our guidelines and our must-haves and crunch the budget numbers. We pick up the phone and contact our trusted real estate broker. Then we wait. For magic. After a few house tours, our inner indecisiveness kicks in as we find ourselves overwhelmed with the real estate buffet in front of us. “The one from Tuesday had the best backyard, but the one I saw yesterday had the brightest, biggest living room. And the first one had a bonus room within my budget. What do I do?!” Let’s take a deep breath for a second. This is “how to know you’ve found the right home.” You’ll get there.

Your GPS approves

Location is the primary criterion when scouting for new homes. Are you flexible when it comes to neighborhoods? Understanding your needs will provide you with a definite answer. Is commuting your main concern? Does your home office require absolute silence? Do you prefer having your grocery store around the corner, or is a 10-minute drive something you enjoy? First-time home buyers in Quebec look for a good location; it’s the focal point of any buyer’s checklist. So, what does “good location” mean to you? If it’s a no-brainer, congrats, you’re one step closer to finding the right home.


First contact impression

If you’re house hunting with your broker, you’ve probably seen a fair share of properties. And it’s always the same – you drive up, get out of your car and immediately step inside. You feel nothing; the exterior doesn’t elicit curiosity; there is no electricity in the air. If that’s the case, that property is probably not for you. Feeling connected as you drive up is the first hint. “Oh, wait, there’s something about this place. Hm.” We want curiosity, and we want elation. If you can envision yourself pulling up to that house every day and there’s an unpremeditated smile on your face, you’re on to something, my friend.

Suspense, the good kind

You’re at the property, looking at the house’s exterior. Can you feel an inquisitive storm bubbling inside of you? Or are we sailing indifferent waters today? If you find yourself being impatient with getting to know every single inch of its interior (with a recommended dose of euphoria), this is something you cannot discard as useless information. Your body is already sending you signals; it intuitively knows: “This might be the one.” So, finding yourself getting giddy and giggly before entering a home is a good sign.

You can actually afford it

Yes, we know; not the best news. But, if you’re asking us how to know you’ve found the right home, this is our answer—budget and reality vs. stress-inducing mortgage rates. We have to play it smart. Putting in an offer without an impenetrable financial plan may ricochet, leaving you no room for enjoying the house that’s got you drowning in debt. If you find a picture-perfect place, but it’s over the budget, tell yourself: “Patience. There’s another one out there, and I will find it. All within my budget.” Finding the right real estate broker (+thought manifestation) will get you where you want to be.



Sunshine and rainbows

A perfect home doesn’t exist. Not unless you purchase a piece of land, hire an architect and oversee the entire process, step 1 to finishing touches. There’s always something. A bit kitsch, too minimalistic, the bedroom is too small, there is no backyard, and the view is underwhelming. When you find that particular home, you overlook the negative qualities. You’re oblivious to its flaws. You may notice them, but they won’t matter. Whatever your partner, family, or friends say, you’ll shut it down. “I love it.” You may find yourself signing the papers the next day and moving out of your old home on short notice. If you do this in a hurry, your adrenaline might bungee-jump. Still, you got this.

You can’t let go

When you’re buying a house, there’s a constant fear of missing out on other opportunities. “What if I find a better one? What if there’s one in a nicer neighborhood? What if I make the wrong decision?” Sweaty palms hour. Now. Finding the right home equals no second-guessing. You just know. And you fear losing it. Your mind doesn’t wander off, and you’re not mentally revisiting other properties you’ve seen. It stays within its walls. It’s razor-sharp-focused. You want it to be yours, now. Where do I sign? The memory of every other house you’ve toured dissipates without you trying. That’s how you know. This is the one.


You’re home

If you have a good amount of open house visits under your belt, you can differentiate inviting homes from gloomy Sunday types. You know you have potentially found the one when there’s familiarity as an overall feeling. If you can’t help but mental map the entire place while having a rich inner monologue: “That emerald sofa I recently purchased goes right there; this is where I would hang my paintings, and this little bonus room is great for my art studio.” Let’s face it; if you’re doing this, you’ve already moved in. And that’s a big sign. No matter how mesmerizing it feels, pay attention to possible negative qualities. It leaves room for negotiating the property’s price.

Finding your home

It is never easy. It takes patience, persistence, and a lot of NO, THANK YOU’s. If you’re still wondering how to know you’ve found the right home, it’s exactly like we told you: You’ll know when you see it.