Katia Samson Real Estate Group is very proud to announce its new partnership with the RE/MAX L’ESPACE agency, located in the heart of Montréal. “We will continue to provide the same ultra-personalized service to our clients, which we are known for, while being affiliated with the RE/MAX Group,” says Katia Samson, President and Founder of Katia Samson Real Estate Group.

RE/MAX is the most important local and worldwide real estate banner, and the one with the largest number of international transactions. In Quebec, most property sales are completed with RE/MAX, which boasts an impressive market share and a very large group of real estate brokers. In addition, in the Greater Montreal area transactions with RE/MAX outnumber every other banner.

“I am extremely happy to be joining such a valued brand in real estate, both globally and locally, says Katia Samson. With RE/MAX, I have found the ideal partner to boost the expertise and ambitions of my real estate team, which will further enhance the services our agency provides our clients.”

This exciting new association will offer many advantages of the RE/MAX banner to all clients of the Katia Samson Real Estate Group: Unparalleled global visibility, exclusive Tranquilli-T and Integri-T protection programs, not to mention the opportunity to present properties on the highest-ranking real estate website for buyers and sellers to see.

To be successful in real estate, team up with Katia Samson Real Estate Group and RE/MAX, which offer an ultra-personalized service focused on results!