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Most Common Staging Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

In today's competitive real estate market, home staging is not an option - it's a must. To appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers, sellers need to do everything in their power to make their homes stand out. Of course, everybody knows the three D's of home staging: declutter, depersonalize, and deep clean. However, while focusing on these three basic rules, many sellers overlook some of the biggest missteps of home staging. Therefore, if you want to sell your home quickly and for a top dollar, you'll have to think about everything. That's why we listed below the most common staging mistakes to avoid in 2022. Let's get started! Ignoring potential buyers' demographics  When preparing your home for the market, one of the most common staging mistakes to avoid [...]

When is the best time to list your property for sale ? Early in the year for a summer move !

As anybody working in a professional moving company will tell you, summer is when things heat up. There is usually more demand than they know what to do with. This is no fluke. There are many reasons why people plan to relocate during the summer. Of course, it's hard to move if said move depends on you selling your property first, and that hasn't happened yet. If you wish to make sure there are no hiccups in your schedule, it's essential to add your home to the inventory as soon as possible and start attracting buyers. The sooner, the better. Moving during the summer does make life easier for a variety of reasons that we will take a closer look at below. If you are also looking to buy, as [...]

What first-time homebuyers in Quebec are looking for

Selling a home in Quebec requires some planning and investing on your side, particularly if you want to attract first-time homebuyers in the shortest timeframe possible. There are a few selling strategies, such as professional home staging, that can speed up the process. Furthermore, as first-time homebuyers can rely on several government incentives, it makes sense to consider the factors that first-time homebuyers in Quebec are looking for as they are a very rewarding demographic to market to. Read on to familiarize yourself with property selling insights. Who qualifies to be a first-time homebuyer in Quebec? To qualify as a first-time homebuyer in Quebec, the buyer and their spouse must prove that they have not owned or co-owned a home in the last three years. In addition, their combined age must not [...]

7 Accessories for a Cozy Home This Winter

When winter comes, all we want to do is wrap ourselves in blankets and drink hot chocolate. But, if that isn't enough, you can have an utterly cozy home this winter, with some accessories. They will make you feel warm even when you aren't wrapped in a blanket! So, let's see what are the 7 accessories for a cozy home this winter! Blankets and pillows The first accessories that we would recommend are blankets and a lot of them. You can find many different types of blankets, but we recommend thick wool blankets, preferably in warm colors. If you opt for warmer hues, it will boost the overall coziness of your home. Colors like dark orange or mustard yellow will help emulate the atmosphere of a fireplace and make you [...]

How to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

As winter is approaching, it's time to prepare your home for cold weather. You might feel it's not necessary or too early to think about it but trust us - it's always better to start sooner and ensure your home is in great shape before the harsh weather strikes. If you are unsure where to start or what to pay attention to, continue reading. We've prepared a list of things you should do and detailed instructions that will help you protect your home from any weather conditions. Ways to prepare your home for cold weather Preparing your home for colder months is essential for many reasons. Not only will you ensure your home is safe from potential damage, but you will also protect its value. Many professional home stagers can confirm this [...]

How to Use Scents in Staging This Fall?

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of them all. It's just lovely to watch how nature exhibits all of the delightful colors and enticing fragrances. That is why, if you need to sell your home this fall, you can use scents to your advantage. After all, home staging is all about appealing to the visual and olfactory senses of your buyers. If you can create a cozy ambiance with a fragrance that brings back pleasant memories, it might help you to sell the house. As a result, if you're wondering how to use scents in staging this fall, our article will provide you with some helpful tips. Read further to find out which are the preferred fragrances and how to use them. How do you use scents in [...]

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