“When selling your property, you want to get the best price within the best time frame.”

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When you acquire the services of a real estate broker you are protected by the law. Various organizations regulate the real estate profession so that consumers can expect equitable and competent services.

– Real Estate Brokerage Act

The goal of the Real Estate Brokerage Act is to protect the public. To accomplish this, the Act stipulates specific rules and regulations concerning the brokerage contract for the sale of a property. They are similar to regulations found in the Consumer Protection Act.

– Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec

The Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) serves to protect the public by supervising the professional activities of all real estate brokers. In particular, it ensures that its members adhere to existing rules and regulations.

– Real Estate Indemnity Fund

Each broker contributes to the OACIQ Real Estate Indemnity Fund. The Fund is authorized to compensate consumers in the event of fraud or misappropriation of funds during a transaction.

Making the Sale: How to make a Good First Impression

The following recommendations will help you draw attention to the aesthetic value of your property and increase your chances of making a timely sale.

– Exterior

Go for curb appeal; an attractive exterior encourages buyers to visit the inside. Your yard should be clear of clutter and well kept. Take photos of the exterior in the summer to help buyers visualize it in the winter.

– Interior

Cleanliness is key; to showcase the real potential of the property every room and area, including the garage, should be clean and clear. The cost of minor repairs and the time it takes to properly stage your home are worth it. The results will positively influence any buyer.

– Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Welcome potential buyers to a bright and fresh home. Let the natural light illuminate the house during the day or turn on proper lighting in the evening. Don’t repel buyers with strong smells like incense or spicy foods. Be discreet when a buyer is visiting; allow your broker to communicate with the buyer and emphasize the positive features of your house.

I will be happy to provide further advice when I visit your property. You may also want to avail yourself of the services of a staging specialist (Home Staging Montreal is one that we are happy to recommend).
*Benefit from 2 hours of home staging by Sveta Melchuk if you sell with Katia Samson.

“When selling your property, you want to get the best price within the best time frame.”

What do I need to do before putting my house on the market?
First impressions are key; follow these steps to prepare your home for the right buyer:

1) Eliminate all clutter, unnecessary household or decorative items, and furniture that may distract or discourage potential buyers.

2) Make sure that kitchen and bathrooms are clean and tidy; visitors pay particular attention to these rooms.

3) If your house is bright, it will be more welcoming. Use mood lighting where possible, to make rooms cozy and warm. Turn on all main lights and/or open curtains and blinds.

4) Make sure faucets are not dripping and that all doors and casements close properly.

5) Mow your lawn and make sure the rest of your yard is well groomed.

6) Clear your entrance of puddles, snow, ice or leaves.

You may also want to avail yourself of the services of a staging specialist; we work in collaboration with Home-staging Montreal.

Q. When is the best time to list my property?
The real estate market remains active throughout the year. It depends on when you are planning to move.
We can advise you further once we know more details.

Q. Should I sell before buying or buy before selling?
It all depends on your priorities, your comfort level, and your financial situation.
If you sell before buying, coordinate the moving dates so that you have enough time to find a new home before you vacate your old premises and make sure that your new home is available for occupancy.

I am available to further discuss any questions or concerns, explain the different implications and to coordinate the best scenario for you.

SELLER’S FEES2019-07-04T19:46:27-04:00

The seller must supply a  current certificate of location that meets the approval  of  the buyer’s notary.  The cost of a new certificate of location (if needed) is approximately $800. The existing mortgage on the property will need to be radiated at the time of signing. This fee is charged by the buyer’s notary and can range from $600 to $850.  A condo syndicate management company may charge a fee at the time of a sale, usually between $100 to $250.  Once the deed of sale is signed, the seller will receive the proceeds of the sale within three business days.


After your property is sold, your broker receives compensation only when the notarized deed is signed and the amount is taken from the final sale price. The 4% retribution better known as the commission is split equally between your listing broker (2%) and the broker who brings the buyer (collaborating broker) (2%). If your listing broker or a member of her team also represents the buyer, you will only have to pay 3.5%. This reduction will not be applicable if you receive multiple offers


Real estate brokers have access to five times more information than what is publicly accessible on The MLS® database is only accessible to real estate brokers who are members of the real estate board. A broker working for a buyer will consult the MLS® to search for properties corresponding to the needs of their client and then contact the listing broker if there is interest. Both brokers will then supervise every step of the transaction- from the first showing to the signing of the sales contract.


Once the brokerage contract is signed, my duties as your real estate broker will include managing showings and follow-up appointments, and guiding you through contracts such as promises to purchase and counter-proposals. I will compile all legal documents and can accompany you to the notary’s office. My network of reliable and professional contacts such as building inspectors, notaries, financial institutions and mortgage brokers will also be available to you.


Selling a property is a complex process. Certain aspects, such as the paperwork and the management of important commercial, financial and legal details,  must be diligently executed. Also, knowing how to effectively negotiate is a key component. To maximize exposure, I will feature your property on the MLS® database where thousands of real estate professionals can view the details of your property.


The price must attract potential buyers especially when compared to that of other properties in the same price range. Properties that are well priced when initially listed sell at a higher price than than ones that are reduce after weeks or months on the market.  By listing with me, you can expect to receive the best possible price for your property and sell within a reasonable period of time.

COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS2019-07-04T19:46:01-04:00

The comparative market analysis is a report made specifically for you that is comprised of “comparables”. Comparables, are properties similar to yours that have recently sold in your area. The market is also influenced by offer and demand, which is why I also evaluate similar properties that are for sale at the time of listing. The report gives a clear picture of your property’s  market value and helps determine the best asking price to ensure a sale within a reasonable period of time. Ultimately, the sale price will be the highest expected price within the context of the current market.


Tell us a bit about your property. We will get back to you ASAP so you can take the next step towards getting the most for your property.

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