At Groupe immobilier Katia Samson, our carefully selected group of brokers is made up Ellena Dimitrov, Katia Samson and Katsiaryna Shumskaya, three experts with an in-depth knowledge of real estate brokerage. Each agency broker has a unique specialty and know-how, in order to offer our clients an ultra-personalized and customized service to meet their unique needs.

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Certified Real Estate Broker Chartered AEO

” More than 2,530 successful transactions! ”

Katia’s stellar career in Montreal real estate was launched in 1996.

Constant throughout the years: exceptional service for her clients, ensuring sellers get top value for their properties and buyers find their dream homes. Dedicated and with a strong sense of empathy, Katia is a woman of action who always finds the best solutions, leading to a reputation for excellence. Clients especially appreciate her attentiveness, integrity and personal approach.

This success led her to found the Katia Samson Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate office offering ultra-customized service and affiliated to the Re/Max L’Espace agency.

The Group consists of a team of brokers, each with their own style and personality. It is built on the values and attributes needed by clients during one of life’s most important transactions: reliability and specialized real estate expertise, as well as first-hand knowledge of the Sud-Ouest area of Montreal.

You can be part of this continued success. Team up with Katia Samson Real Estate Group for your next real estate transaction and experience the ultra-personal touch focused on results!

To see the testimonials of Katia’s satisfied customers, visit the “testimonials” section, click here .


Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Katsiaryna was brought up in Eastern Europe, where she developed a refined sense of style and a natural aptitude for creating living spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

She launched her first career in interior design by buying, repairing and remodelling residential and commercial properties.

A passion for sustainability has led her to explore design solutions that aim to lower our environmental footprint. She is formally educated in LEED certification building methods.

Katsiaryna’s love of and respect for nature carries over into her downtime activities, which include furniture making and adventure travel.

Clients love working with her because she treats their concerns, no matter how minor, as both genuine and important. Her considerate and calm personality has proved an invaluable asset during high-stress negotiations.

She has a solid track record of successful real estate investments. Having managed such a diverse range of projects, Katsiaryna can offer reliable advice backed up by ample experience during any real estate transaction.


Residential Real Estate Broker

Exposed to real estate at a young age, Ellena quickly developed a passion for the field, driven in part by her keen interest in design and architecture. She embarked on her studies in psychology as an integral piece of the puzzle. In her view, “To help someone better, it’s really important to connect with the person, get to know what they feel. Once it clicks, it’s so much easier for everyone.”

Joining Team Katia Samson of Remax l’Espace at just 23, Ellena knew she wanted to be part of a culture that values teamwork and validates what every team member brings to the table – like Ellena’s empathy, patience, spirit, organization, and commitment to always learning and aiming high.

Ellena is clearly in her zone. “Katia really cares about teamwork, both individual and group performance. She’s very organized and structured. Nails it all down. There’s always a clear plan so everything moves quickly and efficiently.” 

When she’s not helping clients find their happy place, Ellena is her studio where she loves painting, or out exploring everything related to the arts and design.


Office Coordinator

Passionate about seeing others around her succeed, Lianne is the executive administrative assistant most brokers wish they had on their team!

Meticulous, compassionate, and ultra-organized, she brings to Katia Samson Real Estate Group many years of experience in luxury real estate together with a bachelor’s degree in English education, the stamina required to work in an industry that’s constantly evolving at a fast pace, and the temperament to always do it with kindness.  

Marketing is one of Lianne’s favourite aspects of the business, since that’s where everything comes together for prospective clients to see their future property online and the offers to start coming in. 

“I like to work with people who are caring, and here at Katia Samson every broker is always very attentive to our clients’ unique needs. It makes my day at work very rewarding when I’m able to take care of people and help make their dreams come true,” she says.


Administrative Assistant

Deeply passionate about the real estate industry, Nicolas is the youngest recruit of Katia Samson Real Estate Group. But don’t let his age fool you! This enthusiastic and very friendly young man embodies the true character and motivation of a seasoned real estate professional.

A highly organized and meticulous administrative assistant, Nicolas can easily switch from publishing new sales listings on the Katia Samson Real Estate Group website, to cold-calling prospective clients, to drafting contracts.

“I love a busy, dynamic office like Katia’s, where every day brings many new things, and challenges me to take a deep dive into the business,” says Nicolas, who expects to receive his brokerage licence in the very near future and work for Katia’s group full time. “I love everything about real estate; whether it has to do with brokerage or investments.”

If some people that say that “time is money,” Nicolas is primed for his upcoming career with another one of his passions: collector’s watches!


Administrative Assistant

Passionate about architectural heritage and design, and with over a decade of first-hand
experience in meticulously renovating properties to their former glory, Eric is now
training to embark on a career as a real estate broker.

An entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record in the events services industry, Eric
brings to Katia Samson Real Estate Group strong problem-solving skills and project
management experience. He is also an effective leader able to make clear-headed
decisions in high stress situations. When you are looking to buy or sell your property,
these are very important qualities.

“What motivates me more than anything else is to accompany clients in a keystone
moment, when they’re about to conclude what might be the biggest financial transaction
of their lives. I love working closely with people and my goal is to help them feel
completely at ease in the process,” says Eric.

“I’ve found my new professional home at the Katia Samson Real Estate Group because
of our shared values of straightforward honesty and integrity. Our goal is really to take
care of our clients.”

This is quite possibly what draws so many clients to the Group!


Real Estate Assistant

With a background in marketing and international business, Greg joined the real estate industry with a solid understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

An accomplished multitasker with tons of drive and energy, he has dived deep into a variety of thriving businesses to hone the skills that have brilliantly advanced his career.

A passion for architecture and design led him to work for a renovation contractor where he learned all about spotting the foundations of a great home, and how to create them. 

From the moment Greg moved to Montreal to embark on his business studies, he was determined to join Katia Samson’s team. “She looked like the Queen of the Sud-Ouest. She’s smart, well organized, and a real boss lady. I like that she’s an independent female leader.” 

A natural at networking, Greg is truly personable, dedicated to finding the best solution for his clients. When he’s not focused on real estate, he’s busy participating in cocktail competitions or harvesting honey from his hives, a craft his dad taught him.

Greg can’t wait to meet you and make your home dreams a reality!