If you are planning to sell your house and move to a new one in the foreseeable future, you are very likely hesitant to invest money in repairs or even regular maintenance. It may seem perfectly logical. You are not sure that the money invested will return to you, and you do not want to repair the house for someone else. However, its current condition will considerably increase the selling time. Defects will negatively affect the price and, in some cases, can destroy any chance of a successful one. Remember that the problems you have will not go away and will only continue to lower the value of your property. This article will try to show you the importance of home maintenance when selling to get the most value out of your property.

Reasons why you shouldn’t sell the house as is

You may be thinking of selling your property as-is. It can be a good solution if you can’t invest money in repairs or want to attract cash buyers. Selling the house as is may be a good option if the home is likely to be a teardown and the land has a higher value than the house itself. In all other cases, such sales are, in our opinion, bad for you. You can expect the following:

Poor buyer perception – no matter what the reasons for selling as-is are, buyers will assume that there is something skillfully wrong with your home.

Lower offers – you can expect to assume that you are desperate to sell and will offer you the minimum price.

Less interest from buyers – buyers will ignore your house because they don’t want to put themselves at risk.

The importance of home maintenance when selling

Regular maintenance and preparing your house for sale will help you get the most value. You should do it before putting your home on the market. Of course, this does not mean that you should invest immense amounts of money in major repairs if it is not necessary. Replacing the kitchen or completely renovating the bathroom will not return your investment, especially if the rest of the house is old. Changing windows and window accessories will also not return the invested money. So, what repairs will return your investment and ultimately increase your profits?

Caption: Hire an experienced real estate broker to inspect everything in your home and give you a full report on any issues you have.

A real estate broker explaining to a man

Hire an experienced real estate broker to inspect everything in your home and give you a full report on any issues you have.

Pre-listing home inspection

Before you do anything, the smartest thing to do would be to do a home inspection before putting it up for sale. Hire an experienced real estate broker to inspect everything in your home and give you a full report on any issues you have. That way, you’ll be able to choose the repairs you want to make, and you won’t be surprised when the buyer gives you a list of things to fix after their inspection.

Declutter and deep clean

Most people know that when preparing a home for sale, decluttering and basic cleaning is the minimum you ought to do. You have accumulated a lot of things over time. You’ve been hesitant to get rid of them for various reasons, but now that you’re selling your house and relocating, they can become a problem. And that’s why decluttering and downsizing before moving is a great idea. Therefore, pare down some items, as potential buyers will likely just be bothered if they can’t get a clear view of what they are buying. Remove everything that makes your house look messy. Clear everything from shelves and kitchen countertops. Take out all the extra furniture as well. It will give the perception of open space, and your house will look move-in ready, which can attract potential buyers. Not to mention that it will make your move to a new home more comfortable.

A yard

All sorts of home maintenance when selling is essential, especially the maintenance of the outdoor look.

Curb appeal

Home maintenance when selling is essential, especially the maintenance of the outdoor look. We shouldn’t deny the importance of a home’s exterior. Ultimately, that is what initially attracts possible buyers. If you are about to sell your house, we suggest you put a little more effort into the aesthetics of the front yard and the curb. Even if you have an old property, this will make it seem newer. Make sure that you clean it properly and, if possible, hire someone professional to do it instead. Cut the grass regularly, so it doesn’t look neglected. Flowers and other plants are always lovely to see. It will make your yard look more vibrant and alive – something a buyer would like. 

A person fixing a floor

Flooring is something buyers don’t want to deal with.

Repair floor defects

Flooring is one thing that buyers don’t want to deal with. Most of them want to move in right away. But they can’t bring the furniture in until you finish all the repairs on the floor. For new buyers, this means delaying moving in for a few weeks. That is something that can turn customers away from purchasing. Make any corrections before selling. Consider installing new carpets if the ones you have are more than seven years old. These investments are generally paid back upon sale.

Emergent repairs

Some observed problems must be solved as soon as possible when they occur.

Faulty wiring – faulty electric wires are a fire hazard and something to look out for. If you haven’t had any significant problems, you will likely need to make only minor repairs, such as missing wire nuts, frayed wiring, or faulty switches.

Roof problems – if you notice that your roof has minor damage and leaks during the rain, solve this problem by replacing the damaged weather strip and shingles. It is a relatively small investment.

Faulty plumbing – Problems with plumbing lead to water damage which can lead to mold. Address this issue as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning HVAC – if your HVAC unit is not working efficiently, call a professional to troubleshoot the problem. Make sure you change the filters regularly.


Home maintenance when selling is a necessity. To sell your house, you must make it look presentable and in the best light. Do whatever you can to make people interested in buying – all the repairs and fixing your house needs.

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