You’ve heard it before: First impressions make a lasting impression! 

So, before you place a ‘for sale’ sign on the front lawn of your house or contemplate listing your condo online, take the time to play your cards right by following these simple steps to maximise the resale value of your property and sell it more quickly.

Here are some great tips successful real estate brokers, like Katia Samson and her team, usually share with their clients in order to help their property gain maximum visibility on Centris, and get the offers to start coming in!

1- Start by Decluttering 

Like Marie Kondo, home organisation expert and best-selling author, says: “If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.” And that’s exactly what you should be doing in your home, starting with the often-forgotten basement or storage area, that most of us fill with piles of boxes, mismatched furniture and, to be honest, things we no longer remember are there. Even if your basement is unfinished, you should declutter it as much as possible, add some bright lights and a fresh coat of paint – yes, it will even make a bare concrete floor look better – instantly! If you still want to keep some precious family mementos, rent out a storage space, start organizing your memories in transparent plastic bins, and off they go before you plan your open house. “The decluttering phase of prepping your home for selling is one of the most important,” says Katia Samson, a Montreal real estate broker with a successful track record for over 25 years. “And make sure not to overload your closets. Buyers will assume your property lacks space if they’re too filled.”

2- Make Those Repairs 

It’s easy to ignore it, but over time the wear and tear on your home begins to slowly build up. And is particularly visible to people who don’t live there. So, make sure your home has tons of appeal! Inspect all doors and windows to ensure they close properly, keeping out the cold and pesky insects. Do the windows glide well when you open them? Have a professional repair any damaged screens and malfunctioning mechanisms. Check the solidity of your railings, terrace flooring, front and back steps. Take a good look at the caulking around the sinks, shower and bathtub. It should be smooth, free of mildew and perfectly watertight. A fresh coat of paint will also do wonders to make a room look airier and more spacious. Remember to touch up the mouldings, too!

3- Go for Home Staging

According to Katia Samson, “it is statistically proven that home-staged properties sell in shorter periods of time and at higher prices. You will easily recoup the amount of money you’ll invest in making your home look beautiful and appealing to prospective buyers.” However, if you don’t feel you can afford a home staging service at this time, try to move your furniture around to create a better flow during visits, without necessarily disrupting your lifestyle during the transition. Something to keep in mind: Katia offers free home staging advice to all her sellers. Start looking at home renovation shows, study what interior design magazines are currently showcasing to get an idea of what the people are doing to better present their property, or start building your own Home Staging Pinterest board with a certain style in mind.

With these easy tips, you are already on your way to prepping your property for sale!