Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to start cleaning your home. Not to mention that spring cleaning is also a great way to prepare a house for sale. Most of all, because you have the best chance of selling it in the months ahead. But before you call a real estate broker, make sure that your house is ready for the market. So, here are some great spring cleaning tips for selling your home that you can use right away. They will help you sell your home faster and for a higher price.

Declutter and organize

If you don’t know what the first thing that you need to do before selling your home is, here is the answer. You should declutter and organize the place as much as possible. When the time comes to move out, the more organized the house is, the simpler it will be. Also, the less clutter you have, the more space you gain. And potential buyers want to see clear and airy rooms, not cramped and dark ones. Therefore, start by going from room to room and identifying what causes clutter. Look in the closets for unworn clothes, check the kid’s rooms for broken toys, and the kitchen for leftovers and misplaced items. Collect all of the goods you find in boxes and label them as donations, trash, or for sale. Take your time, be objective and patient. Decluttering can last for a couple of days, but it will be rewarding.

Organize a garage sale

After you finish decluttering your home, you might have a lot of items on your hands that are useless to you but might be worth a penny. In that case, you can get rid of unnecessary items by organizing a garage sale before moving. Even if you do not make a lot of money, it will help you relocate with fewer suitcases. So, as part of your spring cleaning, make the things you want to sell presentable and announce the sale on time. That way, you have more opportunities to sell more items and make your garage sale a success.

Items displayed at a garage sale.

A garage sale can help you get rid of some of the useless items you gathered during spring cleaning.

Start a deep cleaning of your home

If you usually clean your house once or twice a week, there might be some hidden spots that you tend to overlook. It might be because of your lack of time or always postponing it for spring cleaning. Well, spring is almost here, and it is time to take care of those neglected spaces. So put on your cleaning gloves and let us see what spring cleaning tips for selling your home you can use for a good deep clean.

Make the windows sparkle

Windows are an essential feature in every home. They allow you to gaze in and out of your home, let in light, and make your rooms appear larger. Also, they are one of the first things you notice when you look at a house. So, pay extra attention to your windows. For instance, don’t clean just the glass but also the screens and sills. In addition, you should wash the curtains or drapes and clean the blinds. Your buyers will appreciate your attention to detail.

Person cleaning a window sill.

One of the spring cleaning tips for selling your home is to wash the windows.

Refresh the walls

When it comes to negotiating a house’s price, the way it looks can make or break the deal. The better it looks, the more valuable it is. The worse it appears, the longer it will remain on the market. Therefore, if you want some cleaning tips for selling your home this spring, invest in the look of the walls. If there are holes, scruffs, or scratches, you should repair them as soon as possible. If you are not planning to repaint the walls, wipe away fingerprints and remove cobwebs.

If you want to add a fresh coat of paint, choose colors that aren’t too bright or eye-catching. Go with whites, beiges, creams, or grays. Those colors allow the buyers to envision themselves settling into your home. Additionally, do not forget that your house also has exterior walls, so make any necessary repairs and repaint them as well.

Pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom

These two rooms are the most important in a home. This is where you prepare your meals or take care of your hygiene. As a result, these are the two places in your home that you should pay more attention to during spring cleaning. First, clean above and beneath the cabinets, as well as behind appliances, in the kitchen. Then, clean all the shelves and drawers, the inside of the oven, and the freezer. In the bathroom, make sure to clean around the toilet and shower cabin. Lime deposits and mold gather in these places and become hard to clean if not removed on time. In addition, don’t forget to clean under the sink, wipe the mirror, take out the trash, and replace old towels with new ones. Buyers can ask to use the bathroom only to take a peek at these places, so make sure that they are spotless.

Bathroom that was cleaned during spring cleaning.

A squeaky clean bathroom can help you sell your home this spring.

Don’t neglect curb appeal

As mentioned before, the exterior of your home is just as, if not more, important than the interior. It is the first thing a person sees when they arrive at your home, and it can make a bad or good impression. In reality, the attention you give to curb appeal can determine if your home will sell or not. Therefore, your spring cleaning should include the outdoors if you want to sell your home. First, you should repair and repaint the fence and front door if needed. Second, clean the debris from your yard and mow the lawn. After that, you may tidy up the garden, plant some flowers, or prune any overgrown branches. In the end, you can clean the porch, deck, gutters, and driveway.

Final thoughts

If you need more spring cleaning tips for selling your home, you can always consult with a real estate professional. A reputable real estate broker can help you in your quest to prepare your home for sale as well as with all the other details. Paperwork and legal matters will be a breeze if you have the best broker by your side.