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Here are a few of my favourite fitness accounts

To feel good and re-energized, a good workout session is essential. Every day! And what better way than to take part in a virtual fitness session with these amazing coaches that will help you stay on track and motivated, even from home. Best of all, they’re all FREE! Here are a few of my favourite fitness accounts on Instagram. Most are based in Montreal. Victoria Park High intensity workouts packed with motivational tips for full body toning and shaping. Join in at 9:30 am on weekdays. Pump Fitness Mtl Val Desjardins is a highly stimulating personal trainer who thrives on emotion, intensity and energy to get things done. Jennifer Pregnolato Jennifer is the creator of Sculpt Nation and a certified barre instructor. Plus, her workouts are super fun! Cowan Austrie [...]

Discovering Restaurants, Shops and Products That Deliver in the Sud-Ouest

In this era of self-isolation and working from home, it’s more important than ever to be good to yourself and indulge in feel-good little rituals that make the stress melt away, while we find our way into the ‘new normal’. Here are a few of my favourite things that I want to share with you around the Centre-Sud, St-Henri and Griffintown. I hope they bring joy into your life and make your days easier. Restaurant take-out and delivery Tasty pizzas made in a wood-burning oven, salads and antipastis. Online delivery and take-out available Wednesday to Sunday. Geppetto Pizza Who doesn’t love tacos?! The awesome, original Grumman 78 now offers them for take-out, plus croquetas and chillis. Wednesday to Sunday. Grumman 78 Tempting Italian classics updated with a current twist. Sandwiches, [...]

Covid-19 and the current real estate market. What to know and how to prepare?

To help you see a bit more clearly in the present situation when it comes to the real estate market, Katia Samson, Founder of Katia Samson Real Estate Group, answers your most important questions about buying and selling residential properties in Montreal during the 2020 pandemic. Q: Is it possible to sell or buy a property right now? A: In order to comply with the new rules put forward by the government concerning quarantine and isolation during this Coronavirus pandemic, Katia Samson Real Estate Group continues to carry out real estate transactions by working remotely and using all the technological tools available to us: conference calls, virtual visits, electronic signatures, as well with the amazing collaboration of our mortgage brokers and notaries, who are working in close collaboration with us [...]

Lessons from a Top Real Estate Agent: Katia Samson

KATIA SAMSON, MONTREAL’S EXTRAORDINARY REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL, SHARES HER STORY OF HOW SHE BECAME A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BROKER AT A YOUNG AGE. Katia Samson’s secret to success is her honest, dedicated and sociable personality, which has led her to become one of the top real estate professionals in Montreal. Katia has excellent knowledge of the real estate market and offers her clients targeted information on property values in all areas of the city. She has excellent negotiation skills and is organized and efficient, as stated by her past clients. She keeps track of trends, technological advances, legalities and anything that would impact home sales. Learn more about Katia’s experience and success story by reading her exclusive interview with PropertySpark below! WHEN DID YOU START YOUR CAREER IN REAL [...]