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Should You Buy A House Or Flat As A Single?

Let's face it, we all dream of owning a home. You no longer have to comply with all your landlord's restrictions. Thus, you can make it your own. But buying real estate is not cheap. Particularly when you're single and have no one to help with those mortgage payments. That's probably why, in the past, only single-career men could afford it. However, times have changed. Nowadays, more and more single women are purchasing homes. And this is great. After all, you work just as hard and deserve something of your own. Still, buying a home is a big decision. Thus, you have to be sure before placing an offer. Plus, a question always arises: should you buy a house or a flat as a single? So, let's compare these two [...]

6 Things You Should Do to Your Home Before Fall

Fall is already here and just about to reveal its true colors. It’s not too late to prepare your living space for upcoming rainy days and low temperatures. This article brings 6 essential changes you should do to your home before fall takes off. As a result, you’ll enjoy refreshed home and a cozier fall season ahead of you. So, take time to read the tips and put them to good use! 1 - Make more space in your new home this fall Professional real estate experts agree that fall is a perfect time to eliminate junk and make more space in your home (and life). So, use your days off to declutter every part of your home, starting from the bedroom. Take out all the junk first. After that, proceed with [...]

Six Tips to Save Money When Buying a Property in Montreal

Buying a Montreal home is an experience that comes with various emotions attached, especially if it's your first time. From feeling joyful and excited to feeling scared and apprehensive, you'll feel like you're riding an emotional rollercoaster. Since purchasing a house is probably one of (if not the) most significant investments you'll make in your life, feeling this way is entirely understandable. That's what inspired us to try to help and write this article. We've consulted Montreal real estate experts and asked for tips to help you go through this experience as stress-free as possible. And, since finances are the number one concern and worry for most buyers, in this article, we'll focus on tips that will help you save money when buying a house in Montreal. Now let's [...]

6 Ways to Tell If a Home Is Overpriced

While searching for a home on the real estate market, you have all the chances to find overpriced properties. In that case, you need a bit of expertise to know how to spot and avoid them better. However, when you are a first-time homebuyer, you may lack that knowledge. As a result, we would like to help you in your quest by showing you six ways to tell if a home is overpriced. They will help you learn how to analyze a listing correctly and spot the specific signs of overpriced properties. After reading this article, you will know exactly how to stay away from deceptive homes. So, without further ado, here are the things you should look out for when searching for your new home. 1. Higher price compared [...]

Things to Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

If you plan to sell your home, there are some things you should do before putting up a for sale sign. They are just some simple steps that you can take to ensure you will receive offers on your property. Also, they can help you boost the appearance of your home and its value. As a result, in this article, we will go through the things you should do before putting your home on the market. And we will go over every step of the process, from repairs to staging and advertising. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do to sell your home fast and for more money.  Make the necessary repairs When selling a property, ensure that it is in excellent shape. That means it [...]

How to Know You’ve Found the Right Home

It all starts in our neocortex and thalamus; that's where imagination is conceived. We go from there. We see the outlines and envision the floor plan with great precision; the brain can go as far as evoking the smell of fresh paint in our new home. We write down our guidelines and our must-haves and crunch the budget numbers. We pick up the phone and contact our trusted real estate broker. Then we wait. For magic. After a few house tours, our inner indecisiveness kicks in as we find ourselves overwhelmed with the real estate buffet in front of us. "The one from Tuesday had the best backyard, but the one I saw yesterday had the brightest, biggest living room. And the first one had a bonus room within my [...]

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