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How to Know You’ve Found the Right Home

It all starts in our neocortex and thalamus; that's where imagination is conceived. We go from there. We see the outlines and envision the floor plan with great precision; the brain can go as far as evoking the smell of fresh paint in our new home. We write down our guidelines and our must-haves and crunch the budget numbers. We pick up the phone and contact our trusted real estate broker. Then we wait. For magic. After a few house tours, our inner indecisiveness kicks in as we find ourselves overwhelmed with the real estate buffet in front of us. "The one from Tuesday had the best backyard, but the one I saw yesterday had the brightest, biggest living room. And the first one had a bonus room within my [...]

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers

Oh, it's a journey. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or made a hobby out of property investment, finding that perfect piece of land that checks all the boxes is laborious. The real estate market may be our oyster, but finding that one pearl is rare (1 in 10,000 if we're talking real oyster pearls; scientific fact). Luckily for us, the real estate market reality is not that bleak. "Seek, and you shall find" - it's all it takes. A little time and a keen eye for detail. Plus a checklist. Easy does it. Let's walk through our home inspection checklist for buyers and get you closer to saying, "I do." Home inspection 101 You're in the driveway, approaching what could be your forever home. The real estate broker awaits. [...]

Buying Old vs. New Properties

Buying a home is a challenging and demanding task. There are so many things to consider. Everything requires your time and effort, from budget and location to all the paperwork. Not to mention you're probably juggling buying and selling a home at the same time! However, there is one question you should know the answer to before you start scrolling down the listings, buying old vs. new properties - which is better? Different brokers will give you different answers. Some are certain that old, established properties are a better investment. On the other hand, some say that you can't go wrong with a new one. But most will agree that it depends on your needs, wishes, and priorities. Of course, both options come with their unique advantages and downsides. In [...]

More Single Women Are Purchasing Homes

In Canada, more single women are purchasing homes, and their numbers are rising. They are now the second-largest group of buyers, behind married couples. When it comes to single women vs. single men, single women account for 25% of buyers, whereas single men account for 10% of buyers. Why? Well, to find out, you'll have to continue reading. Hopefully, those single ladies will inspire you to get in touch with experienced real estate brokers and start looking for your first Montreal home. Why are more single women purchasing homes? Not so long ago, lenders wouldn't even think about lending to a woman regardless of how good her credit score was or if she was a career woman. Even credit cards were very difficult to get for a single woman as [...]

We’re hiring!

Katia Samson real estate group is searching for a diligent real estate administrative assistant. You’ll be responsible for managing all paperwork in a timely manner, notifying clients and broker of approaching deadlines, ensuring each deal goes through the proper legal channels. As self-motivated and efficient team worker, you have superb organizational skills, a knack for customer service, and a strong understanding of the real estate transaction process and are bilingual. If this sounds like you, apply today! Send an email to: Katia@katiasamson.com Duties and Responsibilities: Write, edit and format documents and correspondence. Liaison with brokers, potential customers and notaries An autonomous worker who is driven to seek out tasks Provide administrative support to the Team. Must have a work ethic that is focused on organization, cleanliness, and order. An experienced [...]

Special discount for you!

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